Cities get no say in deportations, says Council of State

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The Council of State agrees with State Secretary Fred Teeven (Security and Justice) that undocumented immigrants who wish to qualify for the children's pardon have to actively participate in remaining on the radar of foreigner institutions.

The children's pardon states that foreigners are eligible for a residence permit if they remain on the radar. According to Teeven, a foreigner satisfies this requirement if his whereabouts are known by at least the Immigration and Naturalization Service, The Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers, The Repatriation and Departure Service, the Foreigners police or the guardianship agency Nidos.

According to the Council of State, Teeven may expect an active attitude from undocumented immigrants in staying on the radar of authorities responsible for the immigration policy. Liaising with other authorities, such as the municipality, is insufficient as those agencies are not responsible for the implementation of the immigration policy.