Sixth person held in year-old drug deal murder

Amsterdam police
A police flex squad supporting crowd control in Amsterdam. Feb. 18, 2010Jos van ZettenFlickrCC-BY

A sixth person-of-interest is in custody for the February 22, 2014 assassination of Lithuanian Gintas Macionis. Dutch police launched a mass action of 200 officers in an old drug related assassination investigation on February 27, 2015 that led to five arrests, says Zeeland Police.

Police reported after the first five arrests that a sixth suspect regarding the assassination is still at large. Zeeland Police tweeted today that the person they are questioning is a 55-year old Vlissingen man who turned himself in Monday morning.

Macionis, 37, was shot in the head on his driveway in February 2014. Police suspect a drug conflict behind the shooting. The ex-wife of Macionis identified the sixth suspect as a client of her late husband, according to AD.