Parents of girl in critical condition arrested

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A seriously injured 12-year old girl from Roelofarendsveen, Zuid-Holland, who was taken to a hospital last week, was abused for years by her father and stepmother, according to the family's neighbors, an report reveals. Both are suspected of abuse and neglect and are being held in custody. The father will face a magistrate on Friday. 

The girl was in a critical condition last Monday and had to be resuscitated four times before being transported to hospital, neighbors comment. When doctors noticed serious wounds not caused by CPR, the hospital notified police. The girl remains in an unstable condition, the broadcaster said.

Neighbors on Geestweg say that they have repeatedly reported problems with the family to child care authorities and emergency services. They say the brother of the abused girl was often locked in a shed and made to stay on the street in his underpants with tape over his mouth as a punishment. The children were systematically beaten and did not get enough food.

The case has lead to unrest, since the stepmother is the Vice Chairman of a child protection organization.