Fmr. councillor sues city over sex harassment denial

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Former Wassenaar councillor Mary-Jo van de Velde is claiming damages from the Dutch research bureau on local government integrity issues (BING) who investigated her sexual harassment claim in the Zuid-Holland village. She says the quickly-dismissed investigation ruined her life, according to newspaper AD.

Van de Velde wants to be compensated for the damages she suffered, as a disciplinary court overruled BING's conclusion. She wants compensation for the loss of reputation and all costs incurred during the affair.

The former WWW-councillor accused Henk de Greef, during his time as a VVD alderman in 2012, of sexual harassment. After the accusation, BING started an investigation in Wassenaar to determine whether De Greef was actually to blame and concluded that his alleged sexual comments could not be proven.

BING is looking at the possible lawsuit "with confidence," AD reports.