Three caught shooting Kalashnikovs at cops

The Belgian police have arrested three suspects in connection with the ING ATM bombing in the Moerwijk shopping center in Breda Monday morning and the subsequent shootout with police in Belgium. According to the police, a great deal of damage was done to the building where the cash machine was located, but the perpetrators did not make off with any money.

The police were alerted to the ATM bombing at around 3:40 a.m. Possibly three suspects fled in a dark colored Audi. The police were able to quickly find the getaway car and gave chase via the A27, A58 towards the Hazeldonk border, Dutch police said in a statement.

Across the border the perpetrators shot at both the Dutch and Belgian police. The suspects then fled via the E34 towards Eindhoven, where they drove over a spike strip placed by the police. They managed to reach exit 25, but had to abandon the car. Once out of the car they once again open fired on the Belgian police and fled into the woods on foot, police in Belgium stated.

All three people involved were arrested on Monday. The Belgian police suspect that they were the occupants of the car. The investigation continues.