Body of missing woman found in forest

Mariska Peters (Picture: Twitter/@Stuitervrouw)Mariska Peters (Picture: Twitter/@Stuitervrouw)

The body of the 21 year old Mariska Peters from Nijmegen was found in the Hatertse Vennen yesterday morning, the police confirmed last night. She had been missing for two weeks. The police could not yet say anything about the circumstances of her death.

Peters disappeared on her way to a friend. Her car was found in a parking lot a day later. The police initially treated the woman's disappearance as a missing person case, but put a full investigation team of 25 detectives on the case after suspicious trace evidence was found in her car, the AD reports.

Peters' family requested help from the Rescue Dogs Task Force. Her body was discovered in the nature reserve De Hatertse Vennen yesterday morning. The nature reserve is located close to where she lived.

The police spent the rest of yesterday investigating the forest. According to AD, the police could not say why the forest had not been searched before.