Convicted killer refuses to leave luxury cell

Convicted murderer Sandro G. captured by surveillance cameras in jewelry storyConvicted murderer Sandro G. captured by surveillance cameras in jewelry story

Convicted murderer Sandro G. will face court on Friday in The Hague in a bid to hold onto his luxurious cell at the long-term prison facility in Veenhuizen, Drenthe, reported.

The facility houses men serving sentences between ten years and life in prison, and provides luxuries and privileges that most prisons do not, including private TV's, pleasant views and self-use kitchens.

A deal signed by the Dutch government threatens the prisoners' continued enjoyment of these privileges. Due to a shortage of cells in Norway and a surplus in the Netherlands, a number of Norwegian prisoners will be transferred to the prison in Veenhuizen and some Dutch prisoners will be transferred to a more ordinary prison.

G. and several other prisoners have filed a lawsuit to prevent their relocation. Law firm Cremers is representing several prisoners in the case, and says the additional allowances for these criminals are regulated by law.

"For prisoners who have been serving very long or life sentences in Europe, it is regulated that they stay in a home environment," he said.

Sandro G. was convicted of killing jeweler Ruud Stratmann in The Hague on April 25 2012. G. was carrying out a robbery at Stratmann's store when a struggle led to the jeweler's death.

He was sentenced to 13 years in the Veenhuizen prison.