Report into fatal monster truck crash expected in May

The Dutch Safety Board is continuing its investigation into the fatal monster truck accident in Haaksbergen, and will release a report on the incident no sooner than May. The public prosecutor also will not have completed their criminal investigation until even later in the year, a spokesperson told on Wednesday. 

Stunt driver Mario D. was behind the wheel of the 1,500-horsepower truck when he lost control after driving over several passenger vehicles in a demonstration event. The truck careened into a gathered crowd, killing three, sending five to the hospital in critical condition, and injuring another 18.

An independent committee in the Overijssel town revealed on Tuesday that the heavy monster truck should not have been allowed to drive on the small parking lot in Haaksbergen, even though the municipality had given a permit for it. The committee examined dozens of complaints about the permit given to the monster truck show, although the municipality found the objections previously unfounded, reported.

The committee is very critical about the safety of the stunt demonstration on such a small site. It was determined that the public had to stand at least ten meters away, however the ten-meter mark was never established.

It was initially assumed that after six months more would be known about the incident.