Muskrat merits a spot on restaurant menus: CDA politician

Muskrat (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Dan Leveille )Muskrat (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Dan Leveille )

Muskrat meat should be put on restaurant menus, says Henk Lammers, CDA party leader for the water board of Reest en Wieden.

"It is a shame that we waste all that meat," he is quoted as saying in De Telegraaf. The newspaper reports that restaurateurs are enthusiastic about the plan.

Muskrats are hunted because they gnaw on dikes. Every year more than 10,000 of these animals are caught in the Netherlands. Dead muskrats are currently disposed of, but the CDA thinks that should come to an end.

At present, it is illegal to sell muskrat meat. According to the Flora- en fauna wet (flora and fauna law), hunted animals that are harmful to the environment must not be eaten.