Groningen jobs plan secures €45 million

The jobs plan in Groningen will get 45 million euro. Employers and trade unions in the region are investing 27 million euro and Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher (Social Affairs and Labor) has made approximately 18 million euro available for the plan.

The sector plan in Groningen is focused on mobility, keeping workers employable and remedying the mismatch between supply and demand.

According to the Rijksoverheid, the labor market in the Groningen region involves a low average educational level and a lot of aging. The three risk areas in the region are construction, the energy sector and the chemical sector. These sectors need more people and the existing employees are in need of training.

The plan that was agreed upon includes a new mobility center in the city of Groningen which offers more than 7 thousand courses. This center will guide more than 1 thousand people to other job and offer more than 4,500 existing employees retraining or refresher courses in the sectors of, among others, construction energy and chemicals. There will also be 475 additional BBL jobs for young people.