Dutch girls headed to Syria stopped at Turkey border

(Burak Su/Wikimedia Commons). ((Burak Su/Wikimedia Commons))

Two Dutch teenagers were stopped in Turkey over the weekend while they were apparently on their way to Syria. The young girls were picked up in Istanbul before being transported back to the Netherlands, broadcaster Nos reported.

Child protective services have become involved, but no criminal activity is alleged at this time, the public prosecutor disclosed. The OM did not confirm whether or not the girls were indeed travelling to Syria.

"There are no indications that they wanted to fight in the ISIS battle, or that they wanted to support the struggle of others against it," the OM stated, explaining that the main investigation would center around help given to the girls with their departure plans.

The girls, aged 15 and 16, from Zeist and Driebergen respectfully, were travelling with a third girl, aged 16 and also from Zeist, who's situation and whereabouts are unknown. They left the Netherlands on Friday and were reported missing shortly afterwards. Dutch officials in Turkey were informed, and intercepted the teenagers.

The girls have been in contact with children's social services before, following issues that arose when they attended school last year in face-covering robes.

Ten young Dutch nationals wanting to travel to Syria at the beginning of last year were denied passports, and a Maastricht teenager died at the end of last year after going to Syria to join IS. The Dutch government has since seized 49 passports of suspected jihadists in the Netherlands.