Group dressed as SWAT team robs a family

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A family was shocked when their home was raided on Thursday by at least five men dressed up as a police SWAT team. The family was still inside their home on Loenhoutstraat in Breda, Noord-Brabant, when the incident happened, police said in a statement.

The perpetrators were wearing balaclavas, bullet proof vests and dark clothing with the word "POLITIE" imprinted on them with capital letters. One of the invaders also had a firearm with him.

There were no injuries during the robbery and it is still unclear what, if anything, was stolen.

The crew fled by two cars towards Hobokenstraat after the attack, which happened at around 9.20 p.m.

One car is of a dark color and has a blue flashing light on the dashboard, while the other car was cream white. The victims described one perpetrator as being a 1.8-meter tall, dark complected man. He had distinctive white eyes and a small, oval-shaped head, police revealed.

Witnesses with knowledge of the crime are asked to contact police.