Dutch winter sport injuries on the rise

(Bencress/Wikimedia Commons). ((Bencress/Wikimedia Commons))

This winter season has seen about 900 reports of injury by Dutch skiers, equaling an increase of nine percent from the same period in the 2013-2014 season.

Traditional winter sports were found to be a major cause of injury to the Dutch, determined an analysis published by SOS International on Wednesday. Sprained knees were the most common issue, followed by injuries to the spine as well as wrist fractures. Broken collarbones and dislocated shoulders came in next.

Austria was the source of 500 injury reports, France contributed 200, and Switzerland had seventy.

The confronting numbers may only be the tip of the iceberg, with the number of injuries expected to face a sharp increase following the approaching mid-February vacation period.

In response to the alarmingly high number of injuries, SOS International compiled a list of tips for safer winter holidays. Amongst the tips for skiers are to stay within the rules for each ski run, wear a helmet, get acclimated to the altitude before challenging yourself, stay hydrated, use sunscreen and make sure your equipment is in good shape.