Still no sign of missing sailor

KNRM rescue operation
A recovery team from the KNRM attend to capsized ship "Rick", Feb. 6, 2015 (photo: KNRM)A recovery team from the KNRM attend to capsized ship "Rick", Feb. 6, 2015 (photo: KNRM)

Two ships with sophisticated equipment are being used in the search for a man missing since his ship capsized in the Westerschelde. Three people were aboard the ship, called the "Rick," when it flipped over late on Thursday night into Friday morning.

One team of police experts is using sonar to search the area for the missing man, while another is searching the dredged area off the coast of Hoofdplaat, Zeeland where the incident happened, NOS reported. The water depth varies from six to ten meters at the search location.

The teams come from the Underwater Searches National Team (LTOZ). They arrived at the location at about noon on Sunday.

Officials hoped to find the man, reportedly 35-year-old Rick Broekmeulen, once the ship was righted on Saturday, but the search of the boat’s damaged bridge was fruitless. His father, Henk Broekmeulen, was rescued from the ship Friday morning after surviving in an air bubble. He is believed to have been sleeping in the living quarters at the time of the accident.

A 17-year-old boy who had been standing on deck was also rescued within an hour after the ship overturned.