Ship capsizes in Zeeland; two crew feared dead

A barge with three people on board capsized on the Westerschelde around midnight last night, NOS reports. This happened while a dredger was busy loading sand over onto the barge. The cause of the capsizing is still unknown.

One of the three crew members was rescued and immediately taken on board by the dredger. His two colleagues are still missing. They are probably still on board of the barge, they were sleeping when the ship, the Rick, capsized, NOS reports. There seems to be little chance of the two crew members still being alive. The temperature of the water is about 4 degrees Celsius. Divers could not manage to enter the ship. The divers gave knocking signals, but were not answered.

According to the Coast Guard, the situation is unstable and dangerous. An initial search was launched by boats that were in the area and a helicopter, but the search was called off after a few hours. There is currently one lifeboat with the Rick. The barge is moored to a tug so that it can not float away. A crane vessel is underway to turn the wreck, the Volkskrant reports. It is expected to arrive during the course of the morning.