Criminal kickboxer dead after Amsterdam garage shooting

Convicted criminal and once-renowned kickboxer Ron Nyqvist is dead after a shooting in Amsterdam's Osdorp neighborhood Wednesday morning. Investigators are looking into the possibility it was a suicide, among other scenarios, police said in a statement.

A firearm was found next to the man. Nyqvist was accompanied by a woman, who was found to be in shock and taken to the hospital, police stated. The incident happened at about 10:45 a.m.

The German-born 46 year old died from injuries related to the shooting in a parking garage on Bart Poesiatstraat. He had just been released from a 20-year jail sentence for the murder of two Brabant brothers, says Het Parool.

The scene of the incident, near the intersection of Bart Poesiatstraat and Pieter Calandlaan in the Noord-Midden section of Osdorp, was cordoned off Wednesday as police conducted an investigation.

A spate of violence in the city's eastern neighborhood has kept police busy. Early Sunday morning, police ran a car off the road on Knokkestraat. They found automatic weapons in the vehicle and made one of the four arrests that day in connection to what police believed was a planned assassination.

Last Thursday on Wobrantskerkweg, a 37-year-old Ghanaian man was shot dead with an automatic weapon in what appears to be a case of mistaken identity.