Drive-by, Police shooting: three Amsterdam weekend gun incidents

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There were no less than three shooting incidents in Amsterdam over the weekend. A 26 year old man was wounded on Molukkenstraat in Amsterdam-Oost on Sunday morning in a suspected gang shooting. In another shooting incident the police fired shots at a suspect.

Just after 09:00 on Sunday morning a bloody man stumbled into a private party on an industrial estate in Molukkenstraat. The injured man was taken to the hospital where he was operated on. The victim is known to the police. The circumstances surrounding this shooting is still unclear. A car with a broken window was found outside the industrial estate. The police can not yet say whether this was another assassination attempt connected to the gang war.

At around 04:30 on Sunday morning the police themselves were involved in a shooting incident. A suspect was run off the road by the police on Knokkestraat in Amsterdam-Osdorp. The police will not comment on why they were chasing the man, but did state that the arrest team was put into action in connection with an ongoing investigation. Prior to this incident, there was a collision involving the suspect's car. Several vehicles were damaged in the accident, including police cars.

There was also a shooting incident in Bijlmer. The police found only bullet casings at the scene. It is unknown who fired the gun or whether anyone was injured.

Thus far these three incidents do not seem to be connected.