Ikea to serve vegan meatballs in shops

The original IKEA meatball (miss eskimo-la-la/Wikimedia Commons). (The original IKEA meatball (miss eskimo-la-la/Wikimedia Commons))

IKEA is adding vegan meatballs to the menu at their in-store restaurants throughout the Netherlands in the springtime, and in other markets worldwide.

The food production department at IKEA is in the process of developing a food range that is better able to cater to varying preferences and requirements of its customers.

The Swedish global household furnishings supplier wants to "offer healthy food choices that are delicious, sustainable and affordable for many people," says IKEA Netherlands spokesperson Annique van der Valk.

One of the new products is a "Veggie Ball", which will be launched in worldwide IKEA stores from April. The product is a vegan version of the classic Swedish meatball products synonymous with the scandinavian company.

"The Veggie Ball does not have any animal content and is therefore also suitable for vegans," said van der Valk.

More information about the much-anticipated Veggie Ball will be released closer to its launch.