Footballer headed to court over stolen €10K watch

Football player Jody Lukoki has been ordered to appear before a court in Amsterdam next week. The 22 year old is accused of trying to buy a stolen watch.

According to the Dutch Public Prosecutor, between November 2013 and May 2014, Lukoki was involved in the trade of a watch made by the brand Audemars Piguet, while knowing that the item was criminally acquired. The prosecutor states that Lukoki paid between 10,000 and 12,000 euros to 23-year-old Dustin B. from Amsterdam's Zuidoost area, with the agreement that B. would handle acquisition for Lukoki. The watch has a much higher value than what Lukoki paid B.

Police were observing B., who was recently convicted in several property crimes, and two other criminals because they were suspected of committing a series of burglaries. When B. was eventually arrested, the police found the watch and almost 12,000 euros in cash in his possession. It is unknown whether B. acquired the watch in one of the burglaries.

After his arrest, B. stated he received money from Lukoki for the purchase of the watch, but he later withdrew the statement. Lukoki also initially indicated that he gave money to B., but denied it later.

Earlier this month, B. was sentenced to six weeks in prison for money laundering in connection with the case. That charge remained because B. could not explain how, despite his lack of income, he could have access to an expensive watch and so much money. The money and the watch were confiscated. The prosecution had demanded a 12-month prison sentence and has appealed against the decision of the court.

Lukoki made his debut for Ajax in 2011, but went on loan to soccer club Cambuur last year. Because he again did not feature in the plans of Ajax coach Frank de Boer, Lukoki was traded to PEC Zwolle. PEC Zwolle was unaware of the lawsuit and said they will soon have a conversation with Lukoki.