Free mental health care for all youth: Opposition MPs

Opposition parties D66 and ChristenUnie wants mental health care to be free for all children. According to these parties, the government may not ask for a contribution as long as there is an investigation ongoing.

Since the start of this year, parents have to pay a monthly fee for youth mental care. "The parental contribution cold amount to as much as 1,500 per year", said D66 Parliamentarian Berndsen. "I find that too much." The ChristenUnie fears that vulnerable families will especially suffer from this.

There has been a lot of discussion on these own contributions recently. The healthcare industry fears that the contribution will lead to children with problems being treated less rapidly. The majority of the opposition turned against the measure last year.

The majority of PvdA members spoke out against the measure at the PvdA conference this past weekend. Members find it discriminatory that children with a physical illness is admitted to the hospital without having to pay an own contribution.

The PvdA faction in the parliament wants State Secretary Martin van Rijn to do an investigation on the effects of the measure. The D66 and ChristenUnie feels that the government can only ask for an contribution after the results of this investigation are available. "As long as there is an investigation, it is irresponsible to let the new parental contribution take effect in 2015." said Parliament Member Voordewind.