Teen girl stabs another in the back after school argument

A building at School2Care
A building at School2Care (Photo: Richard/Twitter)A building at School2Care (Photo: Richard/Twitter)

A fifteen-year-old schoolgirl has been arrested for stabbing a fellow female student in the back, police confirmed. The attack was allegedly caused by an argument that got out of hand, and ended with one of the girls brandishing a weapon.

Paramedics treated the victim and transported her to a hospital. She was capable of communicating with first responders at the scene before being taken away, witnesses said.

The stabbing occurred at about 2:45 p.m. on Thursday at Altra College 'School2Care' at Johan Braakensiekhof in Nieuw-West. "It happened after school" said a spokesperson for the police.

The subject of the argument is not known. Early reports suggested the victim is 16 years old, though a report from broadcaster AT5 indicates she is actually 14.

'School2Care' is a secondary school for young people with truancy issues who need additional support. Counseling will be available to students on Friday.