Taxify takes on Uber in Amsterdam

Alternative taxi service Uber has a new competitor launching in Amsterdam. Taxify is entering the marketplace, and will allow customers to order taxis via their smartphone app in a similar fashion.

Aemstel Taxi Amsterdam are the first to join the organization and work with Taxify, according to Director Frans Schutte said "Taxify is a huge success abroad. I am convinced that this user-friendly app will increase the quality, safety and efficiency in the taxi industry."

Matthijn Draijer of Taxify says the company began in Estonia in 2013, and now operates in eight countries. In other countries, the service often delivers a cab within five minutes.

He also reveals that the company has more than one app, and that passengers can choose their drivers based on location, price, car type and reviews, and should also review their drivers through Taxify. Draijer says the reviews are constantly monitored to ensure excellence in service.

"This increases safety for passengers, which is an important issue in the taxi industry", explains Draijer. However, little is mentioned on the company's website about driver pre-screening, an issue that has plagued rival Uber in several markets.

With regards to Uber, Draijer says that one app is not enough. "With the rise of taxi cab companies existing apps can remain competitive with innovative developments in the industry."

The service will also begin running in The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Haarlem later this year.