Deal to improve factory-farm chicken conditions "illegal"

Agreements on the "chicken of tomorrow", which is slightly more animal-friendly than traditional factory-farm chicken, are illegal. This is according to a draft of a report by competition police Authority Consumer & Market (ACM), which is in the possession of De Boerderij, Volkskrant reports.

According to the AMC, the report is not final yet, but De Boerderij states that the agreements are qualified as a violation of the Competition Act. In Early 2013 supermarkets, farmers' organizations and slaughterhouses made agreements to introduce a new chicken which is intended to put an end to factory farm chicken. The "chicken of tomorrow" would get more space than factory farm chicken, have a longer life and get a little more sleep.

Since then these organizations have been waiting for the judgement of the ACM. If the ACM rules against these agreements, it could impose a fine of up to 10 percent of the involved companies' turnover. It is not yet clear whether ACM will actually impose a fine. What does seem clear is that ACM does not accept this way of making agreements. Consumers would suffer as the "new chicken" is slightly more expensive in stores than the factory farm chicken. The ACM is also doubtful on whether these new agreements are necessary, because the market for sustainable dynamic is enough.

The definite report will probably be published on Monday.