Amsterdam official "sick of this shit" after criminal's mom murdered

Achmed Baâdoud visiting an apartment on Slotermeerlaan, October 2014. (Picture: Twitter/@MKoffijberg)Achmed Baâdoud visiting an apartment on Slotermeerlaan, October 2014. (Picture: Twitter/@MKoffijberg)

Amsterdam district chairman, Achmed Baâdoud, is furious after a shooting this week in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. Beyhan Demirici, a 60-year old woman, was shot dead on her balcony in the Geuzenveld neighbourhood on Wednesday night while she was on standing on the balcony of her apartment.

"I am getting really sick of this shit,"Baâdoud said to De Telegraaf. "All the effort you put in to make a neighbourhood a safer place is messed up by some lunatics."

Demirici, a Turkish woman, was struck by automatic gunfire that rose from street level in a "targeted" attack, police say. Criminal investigators had no previous interactions with the victim, though her son-in-law is a known criminal.

Baâdoud says he is fed up and the fact that the victim was family of a criminal, and not a criminal herself, makes the whole situation even worse. The chairman even goes so far as to suggest creating a place available for these kind of criminals to shoot each other.

The woman shot was the mother of a known criminal.