Brinks strike comes to an end

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Union CNV Vakmensen announced this morning that the Brinks Nederland strike has come to an end and that the money transporter's employees will start working again. Hundreds of Rabobank ATM's and dozens of ABN Amro and SNS Bank ATM's are empty due to the strike.

The employees temporarily suspended their action because they want to prevent undue disruption for consumers. They also want to give the parties time to meet the workers' demands. If this fails, the action will be resumed.

It will probably take some time for all the ATM's to be refilled and the backlog to be cleared. Workers are going back to work today, but won't be overworked, CNV stressed. Rabobank expects that all their machines will be filled in about a week.

The strike started on Saturday. Brinks employees protested against Brinks Nederland's planned reorganization in which about 600 of the approximately 1,000 employees would lose their jobs. These redundancies are caused by Rabobank moving to another money transporter in July 2015.

Brinks operational director Erik van Limburg yesterday indicated that his company would like to continue a dialogue on the social plan for redundant workers. Brinks initially tried to prohibit the strike through the court, but the judge ruled that the strike could continue.