More threatening letters sent to Brabant mayor

Mayor Fons Naterop of the Aalburg municipality has received another threatening letter. The letter was delivered on Monday to the municipality and Omroep Brabant and states that the mayor is "next". 

The computer typed letter does not contain any specific threats, but states that Naterop must drink "just one drink less" and "see better out of his wet eyes". The writer refers in his letter to the young people who were arrested in Veen during the previous New Year's. Justice offered apologies for this incident, but according to the writer Naterop should have apologized alone. "You hat to make apologies for that utterly unjust, ridiculous, expensive action from you. But no, you were not there. You feel too good to say sorry, you're hiding behind the Public Prosecutor", the letter states

This is the third threatening letter Fons Naterop received this year. The other two he received in January and October. A 50 year old woman was arrested and received a prison sentence for the first letter.

In a short reaction, the municipality of Aalburg stated that they passed the letter to the police, which is currently investigating the threat. According to the mayor's spokesperson, Naterop is not worried.