Alleged New Year's rioters paid for false imprisonment: report

The nearly 100 rioters who were arrested last year in Veen for the New Year's eve riots, will get 200 euro for every night that they were unjustly imprisoned, reports the Algemeen Dagblad.

According to the newspaper, only three of the rioters will have to appear in court. Justice does not have sufficient evidence against the rest. 200 euro is almost double the amount normally paid when someone unjustly spends a night in jail. If everyone agrees with the arrangement, the deal will cost justice almost 50 thousand euros.

Justice does not want to comment on the matter, but did confirm that the former suspects will get a proposal today. Yesterday it was announced that there will be a meeting in a sports hall in Aalburg tonight for the former suspects. They were invited by Justice. The meeting will discuss the past and coming New Year.

It is a tradition in Veen to set fire to car wrecks around the turning of the year. On New Year's Eve last year, a crowd turned against the police when a car was set on fire. Officers were pelted with bottles and fireworks. The perpetrators fled into a cafe. Everyone in the cafe were arrested. The former suspects are claiming compensation.