At least 78 pct. of cannabis grown in Netherlands is exported

Between 78 and 91 percent of cannabis grown in the Netherlands is exported. This is according to the study 'The export of cannabis grown in the Netherlands' by the Research and Documentation Center (WODC), which Minister Ivo Opstelten of Security and Justice sent to the Second Chamber.

The export volume of Netherlands grown cannabis is an important element in the cannabis cultivation debate. If a large part of the cannabis grown in the Netherlands is exported, any regulation of the portion of the crop that is destined for the Dutch coffee shops, only has a very limited impact on the total crop. Which mean that illegal cultivation will continue existing.

The study confirms the export figures that Minister Opstelten reported to the Second Chamber based on the 'Crime Image Analysis Organized Hemp Cultivation 2012' of the police and therefore supports the government's policy. The minister previously said that the regulation of cannabis cultivation is contrary to law and international treaties. He also stated that it does not help in the fight against organized crime engaged in hemp cultivation.