Emergency Roermond asbestos cleanup could take days

The cleanup of the last night, will most probably not be finished today. The area that is affected by the asbestos is larger than previously thought. More asbestos was found after the sun came up.

A plan of action still has to be made and the Safety Region does not believe that the cleanup of the asbestos can be completed by the end of the day. "It's a pretty big area", a spokesperson said. The mayor and the safety region hope to give residents and businesses more clarity later this afternoon.

Mayor Peter Cammaert has announced an emergency decree. This means that everyone must obey the emergency services' instructions. The mayor is concerned that some people are not doing this. "They are at risk. Asbestos is substance that you can not see well and so you tend to underestimate it. That is very unwise."

No trains will be stopping at Roermond station, which is located in the affected area, today. Buses will be arriving and departing from the Wilhelminaplein in Roermond. Residents in the affected area should continue to keep windows and doors closed. Shops will have to remain closed all day. The center of Roermond is closed. In many places people are not allowed to leave their homes. If they still want to leave their home, they have to leave the area through special decontamination points.