MP demands Justice Dept help stop gang executions

A highly disconcerted Magda Berndsen of political party D66 has challenged Security and Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten to start assisting police investigate recent street assassinations. The Member of Parliament expressed concern, suggesting that Minister Opstelten does not have his priorities in order.

"We have noticed that the capacity of the criminal investigation department is insufficient. The police are under pressure", said Berndsen. "This is obviously a serious situation, now that there are outsiders involved. Especially since there are also children involved," she continued.

"Some of the murders were witnessed by children."

Ockje Tellegen (VVD) has reasoned that a renewed undercover policing strategy will eradicate the problems caused by the criminal underworld. The Tweede Kamer, the Dutch lower house of Parliament, agreed to a similar strategy due to the difficulty in obtaining information about organized crime.

"The fight against crime is an arduous one" stressed Ockje Tellegen. But she is optimistic about the improvement of the situation, seeing as the battle against crime is now being fought at all levels; even the Tax Office is now involved.

Tellegen concludes that every person's safety is currently at risk, now that the criminals at war with each other.

"The Minister [Opstelten] now has to decide the way forward," says Berndsen.