Criminal gunned down Tuesday unrelated to gang war: report

The man who was shot and died in front of the Riverside cafe on Rijnstraat in Amsterdam at about 23:00 last night, is known criminal in the Amsterdam underworld Murat Garki (25).

Garki collapsed in the doorway of the Riverside cafe moments after being shot on Uiterwaardenstraat. His identity was published on the website Moordatlas, but the police can not yet confirm this.

Garki's murder probably has nothing to do with the underworld gang war, in which the 34 year old Luana Luz Xavier was shot and killed in Amstelveen on Monday.

The Turkish-Dutchman Garki and his childhood friend Baris Onder, son of the Turkish criminal Atilla Onder, have been suspected of a series of offenses in recent years. The court in Haarlem handled a big case against Garki and Onder around suspected extortion of a drug dealer, after some synthetic drugs had disappeared. Onder and Garki spent eight months in custody for this.

The court in Amsterdam handled another case of alleged extortion and kidnapping because of a dispute over heroin several years ago.

Garki and Onder were also suspects for some time this year in the execution of Aytas Goraler in January 2014. Goraler was the former owner of disco club The Stand. They spent a short time in custody for this, but the case was dropped due to a lack of evidence.