MH17 debris still in Ukraine; lawyers critical

Lawyer Bob van der Groen, who represents 20 relatives of an unknown number of flight MH17 victims, wrote a letter to Prime Minister Mark Rutte criticizing the fact that there is still unclaimed items on the disaster site in the Ukraine.

"There are still important items at the crash site. I get calls from people from Donetsk who still have material which the Netherlands has not looked at." On Sunday night in the radio program Met het Oog op Morgen, Van der Groen said that the unclaimed items is an important reason for him sending the letter to the Prime Minister.

In the letter Van der Groen claims that the Netherlands "has made a mess of the investigation". According to him, the investigation should therefore be transferred to a special envoy of the United Nations.

Last month the Safety Board announced that not all of the plane's wreckage has been recovered for examination in the Netherlands. Only the parts that may shed more light on the circumstances of the crash.