Dutch refused to investigate Amanda Todd harasser in 2012

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One of the largest international webcam-sex cases could have been solved much earlier if the Dutch police had done an more intensive investigation, television programme Zembla reported.

Two years ago the Netherlands was already put on the trail of Aydin C., who became infamous when one of his victims, Amanda Todd from Canada, committed suicide. In 2012 the Norwegians asked for help in tracing someone near Oisterwijk who abused, threatened and blackmailed a girl over the internet. Three years before the same man had made pornographic images of the then 14 year old girl.

But the Dutch Public Prosecutor said that there were insufficient grounds to conduct a search at the address that was traced through the man's IP address. Aydin C. was only arrested early this year after Facebook tipped the Netherlands about abuse by this man in 2013.

Aydin C. is suspected of abusing dozens of girls worldwide via the internet.

Amanda Todd gained international fame when she posted a video on YouTube in September 2012. In the video she explains what was done to her over the internet, and how photos of it was spread to her friends which led to bullying. The 15 year old girl committed suicide the same year.