Sinterklaas found passed out drunk in gutter

It seems that after all his hard work, Sinterklaas sometimes also needs a night out.

On Saturday night Sinterklaas and his helpers visited the Roosendaal Leeft festival. And maybe enjoyed the drinks and relaxation a little too much. In the early morning hours of Sunday, police officers found the Saint passed out in the gutter.

According to festival attendees, who preferred to stay anonymous (in case they get a negative comment in the big red book), Sinterklaas was very "festive". A police spokesperson confirmed this. "At the beginning of the evening officers in the entertainment district were already worried about the 'welfare' of the friendly Saint."

It seems that the officers' concern was not unfounded. Later that night Sinterklaas decided to take a rest in the gutter. "Sloshed and abandoned by his helpers", said the spokesperson. A photograph of the drunken Saint ended up on

The police officers helped the Saint get back on his feet and took him home. Thus far Sinterklaas has not been available for comment.