Anti-pedophile poster annoys Den Helder residents

A poster of a pedophile displayed in Den Helder this weekend has been met with irritation by the area residents where it is distributed. It features a convicted pedophile who has molested at least three girls, along with his name, vehicle, and home address.

Underneath the man's photo is the slogan, "It is time for tough action." The poster has been pinned up and handed out for all to see in Den Helder, Noord Holland.

The campaign was initiated by people who are unsatisfied with his eight-month prison sentence, of which much of the sentence was suspended.

Residents of Den Helder are disturbed by the action, and many feel that the poster designer has taken things too far. "We have to respect people" said one of the residents to a local broadcaster.

The 69-year-old convicted pedophile has since left the neighbourhood, and reported the campaign to the police.