Netherlands third in museum, performance attendance

The Netherlands has the third highest rate of cultural attendance in Europe. This includes museum tours taken, orchestras attended and theaters visited.

The only countries in Europe to have a higher rate are Denmark and Sweden.

Despite the cutbacks on government funding in arts and culture in the Netherlands, the interest in culture and history has not subsided. The average museum and cultural activity participation in Europe is eighteen percent, while the Dutch participation remains at a high 34 percent, according to broadcaster Nos.

While there have been cuts in government funding, the number of subsidized dance studios, performance orchestras and theater groups have increased. The recent re-opening of Rijksmuseum has attracted increased visits from the public, and musical performances are luring more attendees. However, immigrants have less interest in museums, theater and ballet, the broadcaster said.

MP of Education, Culture and Science, Jet Bussemaker (PvdA) said that this is good news for the sector. "We see that this subsidized sector is more responsive to the demands of the public. That said, we still need to establish whether this system will be successful in the future".