Energy bills to drop nationwide

Power lines (Photo: Emmanuel Huybrechts/Wikimedia Commons). (Power lines (Photo: Emmanuel Huybrechts/Wikimedia Commons))

Households will spend an average of 25 euro less on their energy bills next year.

This is because operators will charge lower rates for the transportation and connection of gas and electricity next year. The Authority Consumer & Market (ACM) made this announcement today. Consumers will have cheaper prices from all operators, but the exact amounts vary between companies.

According to the regulator, the operators can work more efficient and cheaper to raise capital. This is partly due to the low interest rates. They thus need less money for their tasks. The ACM is therefore reducing their combined income with 260 million euro - 200 million euro for electricity and 60 million euro for gas.

The AMC monitors the regional network operators because they have no competitors. Each region only has one network of power lines and gas pipelines. It is not efficient to lay additional networks. The regulator therefore sets maximum fares, stimulating operators to keep their lines and pipes in order at the lowest possible costs.