Photos of unidentified man found on fire in forest released

boxtel forest

The police have now released photos of the unidentified man who was found on fire in the Sparrenrijk forest in Boxtel, Noord Brabant on November 17.

Police came across the burning body of a man in the wooded area off the Molenwijkseweg in Boxtel. The victim passed away, roughly the same time that police arrived, a report states. Police say that "considering the circumstances", it is likely that the deceased is the victim of a crime.

The police have released a description accompanying the graphic photos. "The victim is 172 cm or taller, has grey hair (balding) and has a 'hunched' back," the new report states. Please note that the photos of the victim found in the police report are graphic and may upset some readers.

Police have released this photo and description of the deceased in an attempt to find out who he is, and if anyone saw him near the forest that day. Police have asked any witnesses to urgently contact them.