€38 million reward offered in MH17 investigation

Private Detective Josef Resch has announced that a €38 million reward has been offered for any information that may lead to the conclusion of the investigation into Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. The original €23 million reward, offered by an anonymous person, has been raised to €38 million, he said Monday.

"We are searching for a second Edward Snowden," Resch said in an interview with German newspaper Capital, referring to the whistle-blower who leaked classified information from the U.S. National Security Agency last June.

Complete anonymity has been guaranteed to the person who is willing to provide information on who fired the rocket, about the commander who gave the order, or about any persons or organizations who may have assisted in the concealment of information regarding MH17.

The initial reward of €23 million was offered on the September 18, in hopes of finding any new leads that may expedite the investigation into the disappearance of the Boeing 777, which lost contact approximately 50 kilometers from the Ukrainian-Russian border on July 17. At the time of the first offer, €23 million euros (approximately $30 million) was already the highest-ever reward offered, even higher than the $25 million reward offered for information on Osama bin Ladin.

Resch was quoted as saying that "anyone is for sale", when the original reward was offered.

Resch informed Capital that he had already received many responses to the offer, but amongst these were numerous opportunists and amateur investigators. He believes 99 percent of the responses were absolutely worthless.