Dutch actor tied up in embezzlement investigation

Justice along with the tax investigation service FIOD raided the media company of Peter Jan Rens in the Stompetoren, North Holland. Three men were arrested, Rens is not among them.

The large scale operation was reportedly aimed at Amstelpoort, based in the same premises as parent company of TV production company Rens 1.

According to the Chamber of Commerce, Peter Jan Rens was the director of Amstelpoort until last summer. He took office at Amstelpoort three years ago. Several luxury cars, computers and televisions were seized during the raid.

The FIOD confirms the searches and arrests. "The investigation focuses on bankruptcy fraud and absconding", said a spokesperson.

Amstelpoort pretended to be a specialist in the design of homes for business men and expatriates. When orders of luxury goods were made and delivered, the many thousands of euros accounts were often not paid. Several duped entrepreneurs laid charges against Amstelpoort.