Insurers take on more sustainable investments

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Six of the top ten insurance groups in the Netherlands have made major improvements in terms of sustainable investments in the last half year.

This is evident from a report by the Eerlijke Verzekeringswijzer, an initiative of Oxfam Novib, Amnesty International and the Dierenbescherming, among others.

SNS Reaal (Vivat Insurance) made the most improvements and got better report figures on 15 of the 20 social issues. Achmea and ASR achieved six and three higher scores respectively as a result of policy adjustments.

Alianz, ING (NN Group) and Legal & General jointly achieved six higher scores. All three of theim improved their policies for asset management.

The remaining four insurers, Aegon, APG (Loyalis, Delta Lloyd and Generali, did not achieve any higher scores.

"SNS Reaal, Achmea and ASR set the tone", says project leader Titus Bolten. "Like in the previous assessment six months ago, they once again take the bulk of the policy improvements for their accounts. It is good that they are working on the sustainability policy and also want to show it to the outside world."

According to him, the results also show that a large number of insurers can still take an example here.