Dutch exports ride high on microchip, pipe sales

Dutch exports received a major boost by the manufacturing industry this year.

This year there was clearly uneven growth in exports across the sectors.

The Dutch refining sector and petrochemicals were under pressure because of the poor economic situation in Europe and the competitive disadvantage caused by relatively high energy prices. The volume of exports decreased by approximately 10 percent this year.

The growth in the export of the manufacturing sector relied heavily on the successes of some big parties. The export of capital goods to Brazil more than doubled this year by a major order out of the oil- and gas sector for shipbuilder IHC Merwede.

Exports of machinery to the United States and China also increased sharply, especially in the case of the USA. This was driven by a sharp increase in demand for ASML microchips from America. That accounts for about half of the export increase of 1.2 billion euro.