Care sector loses 30k jobs: report

According to new calculations by the Cabinet, the mega cutbacks in healthcare will cost 30 thousand people their jobs.

This is largely due to the transfer of healthcare responsibilities from the state to municipalities on January 1st 2015.

The job losses is less sever than last year's predictions, then calculated research commissioned by the government predicted that employment would fall by 54 thousand people. The lower number of redundancies is due to the plans that were drawn up to school people and help them with new jobs. The government is also investing hundreds of millions of euros extra in healthcare.

Healthcare Minister Edith Schippers and Secretary of State Martin van Rijn emphasize that there are still a large number of health care providers and employees that are affected by the reforms. "We are very aware that many people are uncertain about their jobs. So we continue to do everything we can to preserve as many jobs as possible and to guide people from job to job." van Rijn says.

The unions are not convince of the better than expected figures. Thy think the actual number of layoffs will be much higher.