Red Light prostitutes to get alarm systems

Three crimes per month could be prevented by placing a loud and visible alarm in window prostitution businesses.

The loud sound of the alarm and the flashing lights will help bystanders, police officers and other regulators to respond more quickly.

After questions from the PvdA, the rules were studied and on the advice of the police it was decided to permit a loud alarm from 2015.

When a silent alarm goes off, the operator is informed and he then calls the police. With a loud alarm bystanders are immediately alerted and the police is informed much faster.

"The alarm can also have a deterrent effect. People with bad intentions will hopefully run away sooner." said a spokesperson for mayor Van der Laan.

The inconvenience to local residents were also brought into consideration. In a year the adjustment will be evaluated to see if noise complaints outweighed a safer working environment for sex workers.