Monster truck driver hurt child at another show

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The monster truck driver who was involved in the tragic accident in which three people were killed last week, Mario D., has been involved in earlier stunts that were poorly executed to the effect that a young girl was injured, De Telegraaf reports. 

On the 2nd of September 2011, Mario was performing a stunt with a flame-throwing jet-engine attached to a motorbike. The stunt was performed too close to the audience. One girl suffered burns.

The incident occurred during an open day of the Hells Angels motorcycle club in Amsterdam at the former club house Angels Place, KRO reporter Crimesite states.

The stuntman was driving a modified quad fitted with a jet engine, but was too close to the audience when he revved the engine. The flames spewing out of the back of the 'quad-jet' burnt a young girl standing amongst the spectators. She had to be brought to hospital with an ambulance for treatment.

D's lawyer, Rob Oude Breuil, tells KRO that he was not informed of the incident. He says he will not ask his client about it now. "It is inhumane to now ask for clarification on these kinds of affairs. He wants peace", the lawyer says. Breuil claims that Mario is no longer eating or sleeping. The 50-year-old is reportedly in a very poor state after his release from prison on Wednesday.

"Next week, I'll confront him with this information. I also want to know what happened", the lawyer added.