Rotterdam busses, trams may get less advertising

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The City Region of Rotterdam is considering limiting advertisements on buses as well as trams.

Transport company RET is currently  consulting with the city region over the new tram concessions from 2017. This shows that the city region wants fewer ads on trams in the future. "We are discussing it with the city region. Our approach is to maintain that freedom." says Alberts from RET.

The RET is not happy with any restrictions in advertising on the trams as its lost wages will once again lead to a higher government subsidy. RET is already losing 225,000 euro annually from the ban on advertising on the back of buses. The revenues from advertising on trams is much higher.

Leefbaar Rotterdam finds the restriction on advertisements on vehicles a "bad case", especially because the RET have to make so many cutbacks. The group also wonders whether these restrictions will have negative consequences for the services provided to travelers.

Councillor Tany Hoogwerf also thinks it is a good idea to include these restrictions in the upcoming tram concession. She wants the municipality of Rotterdam to do everything to prevent it.