Buddha-shaped Pears hit the market

In Zeewolde, entrepreneur Bart Elbers has found a new way to make make the experience of eating fruit just a little more special, and spiritual too. He has partnered up with a fruit farmer to bring 'Buddha pears' to the market, Omroep Flevoland reports.

A few years ago, Elbers had a eureka moment and started developing a mould that would force growing pears to take on the shape of a smiling Buddha.

This year's harvest has resulted in 11,000 Buddha pears. The strange fruit do come at a hefty price, however. They are for sale in shops at €9.50 apiece. Elbers says that there is a good demand for these interesting-looking pears because "people like to see something new."

Interstingly, a farmer in China has also hit on the Buddha pear idea, and is also growing his pears in the molds. According to , the farmer got the idea from an old Chinese myth about a magic fruit in the shape of Buddha.