Millionaires donate higher percentage of income

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People with with over €1 million in the bank are more likely to give money to good causes. According to research from private banking branch from the ABN Amro, MeesPierson, and the University of Maastricht, Dutch millionaires will give on average a little more than €11,000 per year to good causes, de Telegraaf reports. 

The research pooled together almost 750 participants. Of these participants, 92 percent say they give to charity.

The research says that the average Dutch person, no matter their income, gives around €200 per year, which is around 1.9 percent of their income. For millionaires, this figure lies at €11,089, around 3.3 percent of their income.

MeesPierson also says that women give a little more than men, at 3.6 against 3.2 percent. Healthcare and well-being and nature are the biggest recipients of this philanthropy.