Two more suspects in hidden locker room camera case

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Police have arrested a second suspect in the case surrounding the secret recording of womens' locker rooms at the HGC hockey club in Wassenaar. This arrest was made on the 26th of August. Police are also looking for a third suspect, and the Department of Justice is investigating how far the recorded material has been spread, Het Parool reports. 

Together with the key suspect, trainer Luigi C., the Public Prosecution Authority also announced yesterday that there are two other possible suspects in this case. At a gathering for members of the hockey club as well as parents of the girls possibly filmed, the prosecutor said it was a second man, from The Hague, that helped police track down C.

According to Het Parool, police discovered 100 dvd's in the second suspect's home, which showed images of C. The men were also in possession of child pornography. Although police will not release too many details about the third suspect, it is known that this is an acquaintance of C.

During a hearing, C. reportedly admitted to the police that he filmed women in locker rooms between 2006 and March of this year, which contradicts his earlier statement of having stopped filming in 2011.

The District Attorney further announces that it is now known that, seeing the sheer size of the number of dvd's discovered, C. filmed women at 36 hockey clubs.