Dutch woman needing kidney transplant appeals to YouTube

Photo: Razia zoekt een nier (YouTube)
Photo: Razia zoekt een nier (YouTube). (Photo: Razia zoekt een nier (YouTube))

Dutch kidney patient Razia Santoe has taken to YouTube, sending out appeal an for a kidney donor. Her , developed by advertising agency Kessel Kramer, hopes to attract 3,000 euros within a few days so that she can spread her message to television.

The 38-year-old mother says that a new kidney will save her life and allow her to continue being present in her family members' lives. Although she goes into the hospital three days a week for dialysis, it could be years before she reaches the top of the waiting list. "My little six-year-old boy asks me quite often, 'Are you dying mommy?'" she says.

Bernadette Haase of the Dutch Transplant Foundation has told broadcaster NOS that she understands Santoe’s plight, but is skeptical about whether access to advertising agencies, media and money will bring Santoe any closer to a donor.

More than 700 people in the Netherlands are currently on the waiting list for a new kidney.